Now onto flowers and cake. So many choices to make!
She arranged the meetings and tastings, eagerly awaiting to see their creations. She looked through the choices, shared her vision, and hand picked her florals.


Five, six, seven tiers later, her baker added their favorite flavors layer after layer; just enough to satisfy every single sweet tooth in attendance.

Flower Picking

The floral arrangements help set the mood of your event. Incorporate your florals into unexpected parts of your décor to make your style stand out. Think of chair-backs for the bride and groom, placement cards, or favors for your guests. Use this worksheet to help you keep track of your ideas!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

You’ve finalized your wedding style decisions, it’s time for the cake! Keep venue size in mind when choosing your cake. A tall, narrow cake is best for a grand ballroom, while a barn will pair better with a shorter, wider cake. Remember, choose a flavor that you want to eat, you’ll never please everyone!

sugar refined

For Cake Tastings