Her friends gathered around to plan the most perfect surprise. The list grew long with so many others to invite.


So they planned a full day of events taking them all through the day and the festivities into the night!

A Night with Your Girls!

Your bachelorette party is a time to celebrate you, but also the incredible friendships you’ve created with the girls that have been there with you through it all! The goal is to bond with your girls, so don’t be afraid to try celebration ideas that steer away from the typical wild clubbing night if it’s not your scene. From a nature retreat to a fun pool party, the ideas are endless . Take on our Bachelorette Photo Challenge to laugh the night – or day – away and attach your favorite photo to remember the good times!

Bridal Shower! Tell All About It!

Traditionally, the bridal shower is a special day for the bride in which all the women in her life to come together to give her gifts, advice, and their best wishes as she gets ready to build her new home. Recently, many couples have been choosing to have co-ed Couple’s Showers or Stock The Bar parties. The possibilities are endless! Don’t feel confined into tradition, in the end, the bridal shower is supposed to be a celebration of the new chapter you are about to embark on. Celebrate how you see fit!

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