She searched high and low, traveling from one space to another, to find that perfect  backdrop for their new chapter to begin.
Selecting a caterer was next on the list. Dish after dish she made the most perfect pairings, creating a decadent menu for all the guests to enjoy…

Picking the Right Venue

There’s so many factors to consider when choosing your venue. Will it be in your hometown or an exotic destination? Inside or outside? We’ll help you weigh the pros & cons of each venue and keep track of it all!

Selecting the Best Caterer

It can be tricky to figure out how much food to get for your reception. Here are some general guidelines on food and drink count and comparing your catering prospects to help you make the best choice.

Celebration Catering

Until further notice: Celebrate everything

Setting the Table

What goes where? Here are some pointers for a formal table setup. Use it keep your favorite memory of your rehearsal dinner!

Choosing Your Menu

What kind of reception are you having? From one tasting to the next, take notes to help you make the perfect pairings for your menu.